In Twilights Embrace - Lifeblood (Tape)

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Black Metal


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It’s with immense pleasure Terratur Possessions will release the sixth full-length album of In Twilight’s Embra

ce on tape and vinyl(coming later!); 47 minutes of restless, haunting and unorthodox Morbid Rock.


Profane and profound at the same time, "Lifeblood" is the band’s own ceremony of opposites. With equal reverence to the ways of Black Metal of Death from up North, and catchy rock of the decades gone past, but never losing the adventurous nerve; the album shines as their most deliberate statement to date.


Produced by Marcin Rybicki and In Twilight’s Embrace at Left Hand Sounds & Vintage Records. Cover painting by Igor Datkiewicz/WS Artworks. Layout by Kontamination Design.

CD version will be done by Malignant Voices, May 13th, 2022.


As a bonus, Terratur Possessions will re-issue their previous two albums, albums that formed the band into what they are now, important releases displaying the formative path of what was and what is.


…you can quote me on this: album of the year contender, no doubt! (2022)




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