In Twilight's Embrace - Vanitas (gtf. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-144v
Katalog-Nr.: voice144
Black Metal


  • Gatefold jacket with inside-out print and flooded black inside
  • LP sized booklet
  • black polylined innersleeve
  • plastic protection sleeve
  • 180g black vinyl
  • 180g dark green vinyl

Some question why IN TWILIGHT'S EMBRACE is now being released by Terratur Possessions, and although we owe no one anything, I’ll briefly explain.

After spending weeks on tour with these guys getting to know them first hand, seeing how hard working they are, I’ll rather work with passionate, real artists who works from an honest and devoted place, rather than partaking in the charade of brotherhoods, militias and idolizations that plagues the Black Metal genre today. Where everyone’s in each others echo chambers, praising what’s at best mediocre, thus weakening all that we stand for. Without criticism one gets nowhere, surround yourself with yes-men and your downfall will follow.

Although starting off as a Hardcore band exactly 20 years ago, both the band and members evolved into something more sinister. I mean, who doesn’t change over a 20 year period…? They started perfecting their craft around 14 years after their formation, through a magnificent album called VANITAS. This is for me where the band shone through as a legit Black Metal band and raised the bar significantly. This did not get unnoticed and they toured the land relentlessly with bands like IMMOLATION, AZARATH and BLAZE OF PERDITION.

A year later we saw the follow up LAWA blow up like Iceland and the band got recognition inside and outside of Poland, and the chatter began; where the hell did these guys come from? More giggling and touring followed alongside MGLA, BEHEMTOH and WHOREDOM RIFE, to mention a few.

Then, 19 years into their career, they released LIFEBLOOD, a spectacular album filled to the brim with Black Metal songwriting few can match, and a deal with Terratur Possessions was set in stone. Not being a part of this was not an option, and I will proudly spread this album under my banner and stand by it till the day I die. Yet again they get raving reviews and recognition throughout the scene, deservingly so after 20 years of blood, sweat and tears.

More can be said but most of you probably stopped reading already, as nowadays attention span is short to say the least, so let the music do the talking. Dig deep into these records and get a sense of the evolvement from album to album, and you’ll start hearing what I hear, and hopefully your eyes will open wide like mine.

Theres something about working your way up and proving your worth with Integrity.

For those unwilling to listen: oh well.
Carry on about your day. There’s a new band born every second so have at it.

November 16th, 2023


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