Kadaitcha - Tramontane (lim. 12'' LP)

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Format: 12"


  • Jacket with inside-out print
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 100 copies
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Time lasts as a fossil beast, as the yells of liars, as the whispers of prophets; hear the master before he leaves, mind solely the victim. a fruit and a claw mark thereon, a dirty seed and a vacuous paradise. when will your beast quench its thirst? What is the ground of your confidence when this crimson mist is growing ever more viscous? Black, mortal, unappreciated. white, dreadful, alive. on the slope, in curses, in oneiric masks. the night won't end, it's not the night. the bonfires burning down, the last songs rustle. For everyone to leave, for anxiety to recede. are they, the ones who left, the strangers or are you a straggler? And the sun that has no heat henceforth is nothing but an incinerating fire.

KADAITCHA explores organic aspects of noise, post-industrial and archaic aesthetics - an extreme experience for another dimension.

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