Knokkelklang - Avgrunnens Klangverk (digiMCD)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-039CD
EAN: 4250936503946
Katalog-Nr.: voice039

Black Metal


  • Digipak MCD
  • Updated layout

Finally, after years of being sold out, the highly acclaimed and mesmerizing releases by KNOKKELKLANG are finally available again!

Terratur Possessions is immensely proud to be able to present the KNOKKELKLANG back catalogue again, with updated layouts true to the original releases, naturally. Just slight changes and improvements.

Bleak, sorrowful Black Metal in it's purest form, unsettling and negative, yet beautiful in it's own right; KNOKKELKLANG is one of Norways finest hidden jewels for sure!

Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.

Worldwide distribution by VŠn Records.

Listen to KNOKKELKLANG here:

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