Korpituli - The Ancient Spells Of The Past (gtf. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203073
Katalog-Nr.: gate025
Format: 12"
Black Metal


  • 350gsm heavy stock gatefold with glow in the dark vanish
  • Flooded black inside
  • 180g blue with green splatter vinyl
  • 180g blue with green swirl vinyl

Mastered for vinyl at Temple Of Disharmony by Patrick W. Engel.

The debut album of KORPITULI.

Dim mist rising from the soil, mysterious eyes watch from the looming darkness, an ancient fire burns in this timeless magical atmosphere

- This is KORPITULI -

Melancholic, nostalgic dark art from the north.

Pause for a while and take a journey with us on these forgotten paths, into the dark mystical woods, feel the sense of longing for something unheard for, something that perhaps never was or never again shall be, to a realm beyond the pass of time and feel the serene grief when you behold the pale wandering lost souls on their endless voyage to a home they cannot reach - I hope you enjoy this voyage.

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