Lindy-Fay Hella - Taag (7" ep, lim 327)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-200324
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Format: 7"
fairy sounds


  • 7" EP
  • black vinyl
  • two new tracks
  • housed in a folder
  • limited to 327 handnumbered copies


The EP features the instrumental title-track and the song "Otherworld"; both brand new and co-produced by the band themselves and Iver Sandøy (Wardruna, Einar Selvik, Enslaved) in Solslottet Studio in Bergen!

Lindy-Fay Hella has this to share with us about the recording and the songs:

"The last two years or so, I've kind of grown close with the live-band that's with me and want to present 2 songs that was made together with some of the band members. (Roy Ole Førland and Jan Tore Ness). We have a rehearsal room in one of the drummer's mother's basement and when we hang out there, Jan Tore is always recording what we are doing. The song " Otherworld" was made spontaneously the first time we where just jamming and it is for most part kept in that raw state, re-recorded "live" at Solslottet by Iver Sandøy. Ivar thought it sounded a bit like a swamp/ wetland and wanted to emphasize this by adding some very heavy, half-speed like drums to it.

For the other song, Taag, Roy Ole had programmed something years ago that he wondered if I wanted to use somehow. The sound of it reminded me about a steam train although not intended, so I asked people on social media if they knew anything about the time the railways was build in South and North America, just out of curiosity. Many stories came out of it and it put a spark to my own imagination of a place and time I've never been. I wanted the "train" to have other foreigners on it as well and asked Alexandros Antoniou to play along with the other instruments, in his traditional Greek style. Originally the song had many vocal layers at the end, but cut it out to make room for a solid drum solo by Ingolf Hella Torgersen and Jan Tore Ness.

The cover for the EP has been beautifully assembled by Lindy-Fay's longtime friend and collaborator May Husby. Lindy elaborates: "Cover art; normally I would like to go out somewhere in nature to get a photo for the cover, but since I was in quarantine for 2 weeks, a selfie had to do, along with ideas for the colours and atmosphere. I just sent different photos from my phone over to May Husby and as before, just told her to do whatever she wanted with it. It turned out to be in these rusty, golden colours, almost like a machine from older times, left out in the rain or a sunny, autumn evening."

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