Mayhem (US) - As The World Burns (lim. 2x12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203744
Katalog-Nr.: F.O.A.D.238
Format: 12"
Speed Metal


  • High glossy gatefold jacket
  • Full-colored 16 pages booklet
  • Black vinyl (lim. to 250 copies)
  • Orange and blue vinyl (Die Hard Edition, limited to 150 copies)


  • Burned Alive (1987)
  • Burned Alive bonus track: Tear Down The Walls
  • As The World Burns Demo (1985)
  • Misc pre-Burned Alive Demo Tracks

Official discography 1984-1987 of this seminal speed metal band from Portland, Oregon featuring the legendary Steve Hanford "Thee Slayer Hippie" (RIP) of POISON IDEA on drums!! Punk driven thrash galore delivered with outstanding energy and riffing excellence.

A work of love entirely dedicated to Steve Hanford "Thee Slayer Hippie" that took care of the audio transfer and mastering works before passing away. Forget the completely useless reissue of Burned alive that recently came out without part of the band's approval, this F.O.A.D. reissue is the ultimate Mayhem Portland's discography, ALL MASTERED FROM THE ORIGINAL REELS including a lot of rare and unreleased contents.



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