Mental Decay - The Final Scar (lim. 12'' LP + CD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203745
Katalog-Nr.: F.O.A.D.284
Format: 12"
Thrash Metal


  • Full-colored jacket
  • 16 pages booklet
  • Black vinyl (lim. to 250 copies)
  • Mint green vinyl (Die Hard Edition, lim. to 150 copies)
  • Bonus CD with


  • Demo 1987 (mastered from the 1/4'' reels)
  • Rehearsals 1987/88


  • Live sound board recordings (1987/88)
  • Rehearsal recordings (1987/88)

Another crucial underground metal gem rescued and unearthed in a top quality edition, all the existing recordings of this devastating unit from Hvidovre, Denmark,whose only demotape (1987) has been revered for decades as a well kept secret of genuine and furious Death/Thrash viciously recalling the Teutonic school, among all KREATOR on their first two albums but also DARKNESS and EXUMER to mention those that first come to mind listening to their merciless assault - they've also been often quoted by Fenriz/DARKTHRONE as one of the fundamental demo bands from that era. Some MD members later formed the more Heavy Metal oriented MISSING LINK  with ARTILLERY’s guitarists Michael and Mortem Stützer.


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