Morte Sacra - Ruina Humana Pestis (Tape)

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Black Metal


Sometimes evil grows silently and with fervour in unexpected places....

From the rural area of Alhadas (Portugal), the entity Morte Sacra has existed in one form or another already for about 20 years. Indeed a brute diamond, yet with no need of any kind of polishing whatsoever, the album "Ruina Humana Pestis" was actually recorded around 2012, under barren conditions, with no fancy equipment at hand and far away from professional studios. Another living proof that authentic Black Metal breeds perfectly in desolate milieus, where the smell of earth and burned wood intertwines with that of noxious black molds…

Morte Sacra is the solo creation of Phobus Espiritus Malignus, and stands for genuinely violent, cold and in-your-face Black Metal with a notoriously Nordic feeling to it.

This timeless and fucking raw material will definitely appeal to fans of Ofermod, Watain, Nefandus, Acrimonious and REAL Black Metal in general!

This full-length album is a furious attack against everything holy and sacred, and will be released in a first extremely limited run of 50 copies on pro-tape.

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