Necros Christos - Nine Graves (jewelMCD)

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Death Metal


Necros Christos - "Nine Graves" MCD

- playing time over 40 minutes
- jewelcase with 8 paged leporello booklet incl. lyrics, info and impressions

1. Temple I
2. Black Bone Crucifix
3. Temple II
4. Va Koram Do Rex Satan
5. Gate: Solh
6. Baptized by the Black Urine of the Deceased
7. Temple III
8. Nine graves
9. Temple IV

Straight after adding two new band members into their coven in 2013, NECROS CHRISTOS recorded a Mini Album entitled Nine Graves earlier this year.
To be released by Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records, and with a running time of slightly over 40 minutes (what other bands would release under the banner of a full length album though), the band succeeded in capturing the most harsh, obscure and wicked material up to date. Whilst hearing the two new, exclusive songs named Black Bone Crucifix as well as the title track, no words are needed anymore. Gaining strong influences from BLACK SABBATH (for their finest Doom moments) up to early Death/Thrash legends such as INFERNAL MAJESTY, SLAYER or POSSESSED, it all seems to melt perfectly with NECROS CHRISTOS`own and unique style of playing the most abyssic Death Metal imaginable.


Re-recorded yet totally new arranged versions of two old band classics such as Va Koram Do Rex Satan and Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased testify NECROS CHRISTOS as being a synonym that stands out for nothing than pure Death Metal darkness, played with utter class and perfection. Adding four interludes to the scene (in the band`s case named temples) and one huge, Persian influenced midtro (named gate), those acoustic tracks complete the EP while counting nine tracks in total.

Nine Graves to be opened indeed!

For all those with an open mind, hear the words;
Whoever thinks in terms of country borders or skin colour has no place

within the realm of NC.

Be aware for the time is at hand.

Death Metal has no boundaries.




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