Oblivion - Intention To Kill-Demos & Rare 1995 (lim. 12'' LP+CD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203261
Katalog-Nr.: F.O.A.D.270
Format: 12"
Speed Metal


  • Full-colored jacket
  • 16 pages booklet
  • Black vinyl
  • Bonus CD
  • Limited to 200 copies

New Jersey's rabid speed/thrash assault!! Official reissue of their complete 1985 recordings consisting of:

- DEMO #1 Oblivion

- DEMO #2 Intention To Kill

plus a bonus CD filled with rare and unreleased early tunes and a complete live set at CBGB's, 1985 in which they shared the stage with DAMAGE and NYC MAYHEM! Intense gut wrenching speed/thrash backed by a solid SLAYER influence (Show No Mercy era) and the genuine hardcore tinged vibe of most East Coast's thrash bands of that time, as a matter of fact their singer Dave was also in SOCIAL DECAY and later in LETHAL AGGRESSION. Back then they were self-describing their sound as "Power speed metal" quoting as main influences RAVE, CRO-MAGS, SLAYER, ANTRHAX and METALLICA.

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