Occult Burial - Burning Eerie Lore (jewelCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-200622
Katalog-Nr.: ip161CD
Heavy Metal


Jewelcase CD version.

Last standing EVIL METALLERS return with nine relentless cuts of madness and decay! More evil, more sleaze, more speed, more solos, more headbanging, more atmosphere, more of MORE - there's simply no stopping this power-trio when alcohol gets in their engine and their cauldron starts bubbling. Whereas the debut album, 2016's Hideous Obscure, invoked the more obscure corners of mid '80s Germany, Brazil, and Canada, here on Burning Eerie Lore is the scuzzy, sepulchral focus squarely on earliest Bathory, Exciter, Venom, and even Iron Angel: black may be the attack still, but OCCULT BURIAL give poisonous nuance to tried-and-true HEAVY METAL above all, now more than ever. For worshippers of Exciter, Bathory, Destruction and Razor.

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