Philipp Münch - New Ritual Music (digiCD)

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  • 6-panel digipak CD

in a more and more distracted world we need some new rituals to be able to remember what we are. we all are made of the same matter, we are children of the universe. there is no one who can’t be but a lot of fellow humans pretend it that way. stop the drama, leave the tragedy and return to your wonderful origin.

after plays ars moriendi and the two ueber- leben eps, philipp münch is pushing into a different direction to create some new ritual music. you still can hear classical ars moriendi elements on this album for sure, and the new songs start the journey where the last releases have ended. it became a much broader variety: from ambient to pop harmonies to heavy rhythmic industrial tracks, from ritual noise to just pure noise.

kyo ro ho did wonderful vocal contributions on the songs mondo obscura album and came back into the game and performed the mystic crystal in a well and turned the life embracing sleep machine into an irresistible hymn.

the result remains bigger than the ingredients. loose your mind and join the never ending dance of life itself. let the ritual be yours.

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