Poison - Full '86 Live Set In Rehearsal (jewelCD)

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Death/Thrash Metal


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Previously only included in the HŲlle und Vernichtung discography vinyl boxset (now completely sold out) this total cult session is finally back, for the first time on CD! Raw, punishing Black/Thrash from one of Germany's oldest and most influential hordes of darkness and evil! A blood-drenching set featuring all their classic anthems in the crudest form plus some hidden gems that haven't been included on their demos and album.

Quoting Uli Hildenbrand himself: "The best complete recording of a POISON Live set in decent quality (sound and performance-wise), done in our rehearsal room but with somewhat better equipment and -of course- remastered in the most effective way by F.O.A.D. and yours truly! It was recorded in November 1986 in preparation of our first (and only) studio session planned for the end of December, when we were still trying to figure out which of the songs we would eventually record in the studio. Some oft he latest material was still „work in progress", especially Sphynx wich I think was rehearsed here for the first time ever… On the other hand, pretty much all of the trax we’d already recorded for the previous 3 demos are featured here in vastly superior versions. Listen to Angel of Satan or Legions of Hell AND there is that one song that we never recorded before or again – although it’s probably one of our best (in retrospect) – check out Zombie Dance [continues in the CD booklet] ..."

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