Scatmother - Sadotantra (jewelCD)

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  • Jewelcase CD
  • 8-pages booklet

The recently released Sacrificial Rites Of Devotion split with CHAOS CASCADE revealed a creepier, more mid-paced side of Power Electronics, Sadotantra offers a more violent & aggressive side of SCATMOTHER - yet dark as always. Sharp in sound as Beyond of Hijokaidan, but one can also find brutality similar to Massona or Grunt and above all a sound of it's own identity. There is subtle textures, rich in detail. The album will blossom best if you raise the volume until it hurts. Brahma Shakti is a landmark & explains well what the album is about - ideas. The songs melt various ideas into one & takes less time as many other Power Electronic bands do. It's like an attack with a drill towards your head that will give you more than half an hour of discomfort.

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