Silver Knife - Unyielding/Unseeing (12'' LP)

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Format: 12"
Black Metal


Silver Knife's striking debut album, Unyielding/Unseeing.

  • Transparent blue w/ white & silver splatter vinyl
  • 3rd press

Silver Knife are a Belgian/Dutch/French black metal entity driven by an aggressive melancholy, and Unyielding/Unseeing is their first public recording. Written and recorded in Belgium during the Summer of 2019, these six songs embody both a reminiscence and departure from the musical styles the musicians have exhibited through bands like Cult of Erinyes, Hypothermia, Laster and Nusquama. Balancing between a bittersweet, glimmering atmosphere and sheer force whilst engaging with themes such as obscured alienation and interminable conflict, Silver Knife provide a sharp soundtrack for those who are too reluctant to wallow in self-pity, offering a harsh incentive in the midst of trying times.


Mastering done by Mare Cognitum's Jake Buczarski.

All artwork by Business for Satan.

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