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death / heavy metal


Slaegt - The Wheel (digipack CD - RELEASE 05.10.2018)

†Digipack with booklet incl all lyrics

Since their foundation in 2011, SLAEGT have found a very own, unique style of playing heavy metal. Stylistically influences are drawn from a broad spectrum of such diverse movements as the NWOBHM, the black metal scene(s) of the 80’s and 90’s and everything in between and beyond. SLAEGT plays an epic blackened heavy metal but without any kind of limitation when approaching the style.

Songwriting for the “The Wheel” began shortly after the recording sessions of “Domus Mysterium” (autumn 2016) and concluded not long before the band entered the studio in March 2018. The seven songs were all put together and honed collectively by the band, with different members providing the main ideas and rough sketches. It was important for them to keep the essence of “Domus Mysterium” intact, but try to distil it and make the songs shorter, more potent, and full of bite.

Once again, all lyrics were handled by lead vocalist Oskar J. Frederiksen. The lyrics deal with topics such as: Coming into flesh, the union of music and magic, the ingredients of change and the limits of time. Some of them are more personal than general, and touch upon specific moments of transformation and fleshed out periods of unintentional (but self-inflicted) torment, as well as the growth, intent and essence of SLAEGT as a unit and creative brotherhood.

“The Wheel” is an album that showcases a band that has grown without forgetting, where it came from. A band that is hungrier than ever before, and who knows, that more is to come. A band that is called SLAEGT, who is way more concerned with personal expression and writing the best songs possible, than adhering to fashions and mundane attractions.

“The Wheel” was produced, mixed and mastered by Lasse Ballade (Ballade Studios) in the band’s hometown Copenhagen and features a guest appearance of local musician Felix Havstad Ziska who handles cello, viola and violin on “Gauntlet of Lovers” and the title track.


1. Being Born (Is Going Blind)
2. Masician
3. Perfume and Steel
4. Citrinitas
5. V.W.A.
6. Gauntlet of Lovers
7. The Wheel


Oskar J. Frederiksen: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
Anders M. JÝrgensen: Lead guitar
Olle Bergholz: Bass guitar and backing vocals
Adam 'CC' Nielsen: Drums

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