Svartsyn - Bloodline (lim. tape)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203366
Katalog-Nr.: SARSMC020
Black Metal


  • Pro tape
  • Double sided booklet with liner notes from Ornias about the album
  • Black tape (lim. to 50 copies)
  • Red tape (lim. to 50 copies)

2022 re-release.
Now for the first time on cassette-tape format!
To make it even better, both albums feature exclusive unreleased bonus tracks: Bloodline features two never before released SVARTSYN tracks (Vampyrisk Sömn and Tronets Slav) taken from the first Bloodline recording that ended up being discarded, plus the album’s lyrics that had been lost and were therefore never before presented either!

More than twenty years after the original release, two Black Metal masterpieces have now finally been made available again! Two defining albums that set the tone for the Swedish scene around the millennium switch, deeply hooked into the old and steady pillars of true Black Metal.

Recorded already in 1997, Bloodline should have been released as Svartsyn’s 2nd album, but due to several problems it was only released years later, together with …His Majesty as 2LP.

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