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Artikelnummer: VAN-201004
EAN: 4250936511446
Katalog-Nr.: voice114
Nidrosian Black Metal


  • 6-panel digipak CD

Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende translates to ‘yet again the darkness comes crawling', and what better timing to launch this project as we write November 25th, winter is coming, the plague is threatening all sense of universal order, and we here in Norway are entering 24/7 darkness for months on end.
SYNING represents these times perfectly in their all-consuming bleakness and despair. Haunting and hopeless Black Metal performed by Cernunnus (Manii/Manes), Levninger (Knokkelklang) and V.Einride (Whoredom Rife), and needless to say, this is a Terratur Possessions related project that came together naturally through each others respective projects previously released by this label.
The result? Something different, yet hauntingly familiar. From the raging opening track Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende, to the slower, doomy Et Siste Skrik ('One Final Scream'), ending with the absolutely mezmerising track Fortapt, the project takes you on a ride towards the apocalypse and whatever lies beyond. 

Syning is:
Cernunnus - Guitars and ambience
Levninger - Vocals and ambience
V. Einride - Drums

12" MLP out via Terratur Possessions exclusively.
Layout by O.A.A. and Kontamination Design.

1. Atter Igjen Kommer Mørket Krypende 14:22
2. Et Siste Skrik 13:21
3. Fortapt 06:38

Total: 34min

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