The [Law-Rah] Collective - Introspection (lim. digifileCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203908
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Katalog-Nr.: RAUB-097
Dark Ambient/Neo Folk


  • 6-panel digifile CD
  • Limited edition

introspection is the 24th release by the [law-rah] collective, which this time is again the dynamic duo martijn pieck and bauke van der wal. like all previous releases, there is no new [law-rah] album that sounds like any album before and 'introspection' is no exception. every release we change our method to keep things interesting for ourselves. all sounddesign on this release was done by martijn with just a global indication for the composition, after which bauke spent all his time in protools arranging, rearranging and doing post-production on all parts.

the result is three 20+ minute compositions; an intense amalgamation of drone, modern classical, analog and electroacoustic sounds and ideas. it's the collective's exploration within themselves that led to this. they might guide you into a journey of self-reflection.

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