The Spirit Cabinet - Hystero Epileptic Possessed (CD)

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Heavy / Doom Metal


The Spirit Cabinet - Hystero Epileptic Possessed (CD)

From the ashes of the past an old companionship has been given fresh blood. In 2014 The Spirit Cabinet was summoned out of old time radio in the Macabre Tavern and is an alliance of spiritists from several Dutch covens such as Hooded Priest, Grimm, Zwartketterij, Cirith Gorgor and Urfaust. A unique blend of traditional Heavy Metal with a harmonious touch of melancholy performed as a blackened spiritual seance is what they will serve you. 

The Spirit Cabinet are:

Snake McRuffkin – Vox
Johnny Hällström – Axes
Erich Vilsmeier – Pulse
Cromwell Fleedwood – Battery

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