Umbra Conscientia - Nigredine Mundi (digiCD)

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Black Metal


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The unlikely origins of the Costa Rica and German based band UMBRA CONSCIENTIA, return with their second album; Nigredine Mundi, yet again released by Terratur Possessions.

In 2019 the band came out of the blue and blew people away with their relentless, punishing debut; Yellowing of the Lunar Consciousness. With hints to bands like FUNERAL MIST and KATHARSIS, you should know what to expect. The band swiftly gained a following with superb feedback all around, and now, two years later, it's time for a follow up.

What to expect? The same, yet I would dare say this album is toned down a smidge in terms of speed, and thus a tad heavier than its predecessor.

The band has yet again delivered an agressive, heavy, hard hitting, pitch Black Metal album and there's no holding back.

The band will play their debut gig at the notorious†BEYOND THE GATES†Festival in Norway this year (2022).

Be there!


1. Constant Self Sacrifice In Devotion To Darkness - 8:52

2. Mundo Vult Mori - 6:03

3. Esto y solo esto -5:34

4. The numbing bloodstreams of detachment - 5:10

5. Resonatia Diaboli - 6:50



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