Verrottet - s/t (lim.12" LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-204333
EAN: 4250936538702
Katalog-Nr.: van387v
EBM, cold wave, black metal


  • jacket made od solid-black cartonstock with silver print
  • insert with lyrics, info and impressions, silver print on solid-black cartonstock
  • Limited to 300 handnumbered copies
  • 180g black (lim. 100) or silver vinyl (lim. 200)

VERROTTET is an EBM project from the ruhr area in germany. It has been founded by Peter Panik in 2022. The harsh sounds reverberates the fascination for death, horror and all of its obscure facettes. The main influences which led to this devious project are oldschool EBM acts like Pouppeé Fabrikk and DAF, but also acts from the cold wave and black metal genre.

EBM is dead and rotten to its core...

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