Agressor - The Arrival (digi2CD)

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Death Metal


  • 3-panel digipak CD
  • 24 page booklet

Containing Towards Beyond (1992) + Neverending Destiny (1990) + (re-)recorded bonus tracks

AGRESSOR became the first French metal act to be signed by an international label after recording the demo, Orbital Distortion in 1989.

A year later, the band began cooperating with Philippe Druillet for the visuals of their debut album, Neverending Destiny, which received a warm welcome with its combination of brutal thrash riffing and what would now be considered an early form of technical death metal.

Their sophomore full-length, Towards Beyond (1992) was produced by Börje "Boss" Forsberg of BATHORY and Black Mark fame and came with ultra-heavy passages on top of their trademark technical riffing.

AGRESSOR continued to spearhead the French extreme metal scene with their following release as well as through touring with such renowned acts as MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, PESTILENCE, BIOHAZARD, SINISTER, and WARGASM.

For fans of Dark Angel, Sadus, Massacra.

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