Crone - "Gehenna" 12" MLP

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Format: 12"


Crone† - "Gehenna" 12" MLP

- 180g heavy wax
- sleeeve with cut out
- printed innersleeves
- limited to 500 copies

Crone is the musical collaboration between sG (Secrets Of The Moon) and drummer/guitarist Markus Renzenbrink (Embedded) by which the two explore their wide tastes in rock music and have found a means of intense, sometimes even enthralling expression characterized by haunting melodies.
Crone's first sign of life is the mini-album "Gehenna", which will be released as a joint venture of Prophecy Productions and VŠn Records. Already with their first recordings Crone managed to impress no less a person than Jarboe (ex Swans), who eventually contributed her vocals to the song "Dead Man". All in all "Gehenna" features four distinct compositions that are united by an ominous, almost surreal atmosphere.

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