Death In Rome - Na Zare / Just Dropped In (7'' EP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-201100
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Format: 7"
Dark Ambient/Neo Folk


  • Matte white cover with silver print
  • Cards & stickers
  • Download card
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited and handnumbered

we are DEATH IN ROME. and we play neofolk. on this 7" we present cover versions of two songs you would never have expected to hear this way: na zare / ?? ???? (original by alliance / ??????. cccp, 1987) one of the greatest russian new wave synth-pop hits. on the flip side you hear the country folk hymn just dropped in (original by kenny rogers. usa, 1967) in collaboration with KING DUDE. it's a clash of styles and genres, a clash of the psychedelic freedom of the west and the nuclear downfall of the east. celebrate our apocalyptic pop vision at dawn, until the end.

Na Zare

Just Dropped In (feat. King Dude)

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