Deinonychus - s/t (DIN A5 digiCD)

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Black Metal


  • 6-panel DIN A5 digipak CD

Deinonychus was spawned in Hopeless Sound Recordings, Holland, during May, August and September 1999.
Engineering by Indesjpeegelkieke. Production by Marco Kehren.
Masterplan by Christoph Dobberstein, Berlin - Germany, October 1999.

Deinonychus was entirely written and composed by Marco Kehren during September 1997 and February 1998.
All drumtracks written and composed by W.A. Sarginson.
Additional key-transplants on this album provided by Indesjpeegelkieke.
All written misery by Marco Kehren, Winter 1998.
except for This, A Murder Of Crows and Balaam Wore Black by Shane S. Davison, Spring 1998.

Original logo by Alex Kurtagic.
Cover photo by Kjetil Karlsen (
Layout by Francesco Palumbo for MKM Graphix.

Those responsible for your misery:
Marco Kehren - all stringulations and communications
W.A. Sarginson - drumathology and bells

Deinonychus was originally released on July 9th, 2000 by Ars Metalli.

DEINONYCHUS is about the truth in life...

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