Deus Mortem - The Fiery Blood (12'' MLP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-200941
EAN: 4250936511651
Katalog-Nr.: voice116
Format: 12"
Nidrosian Black Metal


  • Jacket on rough carton, flooded black inside
  • Insert
  • Double-sided DIN A2 poster
  • Plastic protection sleeve
  • Black vinyl & amber with black haze vinyl

Four new songs in the by now infamous Deus Mortem vein; world class musicianship, powerful production and masterful songwriting makes this nothing short but another stellar release by this Polish horde.
110% relentless, hateful, yet elegant savagery, you won't be disappointed. Written and recorded partially at the same time as the critically acclaimed Kosmocide, The Fiery Blood continues where they left off.
Epic, dynamic, chaotic, crushing and dark; few, if any, does this style of Black Metal better.

Vinyl Version: Terratur Possessions.
CD Version: Malignant Voices.
Layout by Mar.A Artworks.


Necrosodom – vocals & guitars
Sinister – guitar
L.Th – bass
Stormblast – drums


Written by Necrosodom
Recorded at Heinrich House Studio
Production – Filip Halucha
Front cover & artwork – Mar.A Artworks
Callighraphy & logo – Ihasan art.
Photos – Soundterror
Graphic design – Mentalporn

1. Down the Scorched Paradise 04:09
2. Lord of All Graves 05:31
3. Breaking the Sceptres, Crushing the Wands 04:40
4. Nod 05:30
Total: 19:51

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