Enevelde - En Gildere Doed (digiCD)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-126CD
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Katalog-Nr.: voice126
Nidrosian Black Metal


  • Digipak CD

What better timing to release the second fullenght of ENEVELDE, aptly entitled En Gildere Død (A Grandiose Death)!

As humankind drowns in death in all it's shapes and sizes, we can all relate in unison to the current state of the world today. Will we survive another night, and who will live to tell!?

By now a household name here at Terratur Possessions, ENEVELDE continues to deliver cleverly arranged Black Metal, ranging from mid-tempo blackness and raging aggression, to epic madness and beauty.

Written, recorded and performed by B.Kråbøl (MISOTHEIST), featuring M.Hellem on bass and several other guest appearances.

1. Avmakt
2. Til Høsten
3. Renselse
4. En Gildere Død
5. Rekviem
6. Epilog


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