Enevelde - Gravgang (digiCD)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-125CD
EAN: 4250936512542
Katalog-Nr.: voice125
Nidrosian Black Metal


  • Digipak CD

Back in 2021, B.Kråbøl (MISOTHEIST) wrote, performed and recorded a lengthy EP on his own in one weekend. The result? Simply fantastic. More downthrodden and dark, minimalistic and ugly than the debut album, yet still ENEVELDE through and through. With vocals to die for, Kråbøl yet again proves his talents, not only as a vocalist, but as a multi-instrumentalist and composer.

Entitled Gravgang (Catacomb), this is definitively not a jolly ride, quite the contrary.
March into darkness to the hypnotic hymns of Enevelde...

1. Enevelde
2. Gravgang
3. En Skal Ikke Tro
4. Den Dypsindige
5. Thorns Medley


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