Funereal Presence - Achatius (lim. Tape)

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Black Metal


To all lone wolves & leftovers outthere who still worship the long forgotten maxim:

-black metal shall be gruesome, ugly and cold-

this truly is for you!

A grand intonation of a grotesque vision of fey faith that exhales the spirit and the feeling of a long forgotten era. FUNEREAL PRESENCE again ignores all fashion, trends & stereotypes but truly invokes an archaic beast with a new terrible face, sharp claws and insatiable hunger… and a stiff middle finger.

Achatius is an elder vision of sound, performance, thematics & presentation the titan bands once had before the `market´ started to explode, and the ingenuity, idiosyncrasy and danger in the movement started to implode.

FUNEREAL PRESENCE is synonymous with pure fucking obsession for the core of black metal and beyond and Achatius is the result of setting a determined focus on translating the pulsating darkness into tones and rhythm.

Bestial Devotion once said: „ I do the music that no one does for me anymore". No more words needed.

Available for the first time as limited music cassette.

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