Mortuus - Diablerie (CD)

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Black Metal


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MORTUUS' third full-length album.

Thematically, it continues the exploration of the shadow-aspects of existence, now focused on traditional Faustian black magic. As conventional as this may sound for a Black Metal band in 2022, the lyrics again prove the contrary. Just like the accompanying artwork leaves the oridinary imagery and immature asthetics found amongst most contemporaries, the visuals clad Diablerie in timeless solemnity bare of any cliché.

The total playing time of 43 minutes is split into 4 songs only, hinting at voluptuous arrangements and a certain epicness – yet, Kvarnbrink and Hinze never lose sight of the essence of a song. Quite the contrary, on their quest for the perfect harmonies, the perfect riff and perfect song, they drop everything superfluous and it seems MORTUUS have finally found the holy grail and magic formula. Every single note, every word and every beat of a 10 minute song is indispensable. Superficially repetitive, the complexity of their musical tapestry unravels with every further minute into a song. The arrangements are the equivalent of a maelstrom, where the listener is drawn deeper and deeper into that shadow-world which the lyrics are staged in. Though more sophisticated than their forebears, MORTUUS still retain the hypnotic quality of early and mid 90s Black Metal which we all were fascinated by. Diablerie is a profound album, definitely their peak achievement so far and a rare kind in the vast sea of meaningless releases.

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