Oerheks - Heksen & Geesten van Brabant (lim. 10'' MLP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-204443
Katalog-Nr.: AFP268
Format: 10"
Black Metal


  • Fold out cover
  • Black Vinyl
  • Limited to 200 handnumbered copies

Witches & Ghosts of Brabant (demo #4)

1. Witches of Brabant (Evil from the Hand, Poison in the Eyes)
2. Ghosts of Brabant (Death isn't Dead, Death is Life!)

Music written and recorded by H. in Cagghenvinna, Samhain MMXX. Lyrics written by H. in Cagghenvinna, August MMXXIII, inspired by Het Dansmeisje en de Lindepater by Ben Janssen.

Vocal recording, mix and master by D. in OMS, Brussels, September MMXXIII.

Cover drawing by KRAS.
Logo by P. - Business for Satan.
Layout by H., with help from DF.

'Witches & Ghosts of Brabant' was instigated by the ghosts of Samhain, accompanied by a witch curse over Cagghenvinna.

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