Whoredom Rife - Den Vrede Makt (gtf. 12'' with slipcase)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-150v
Katalog-Nr.: voice150
Format: 12"
Nidrosian Black Metal


  • Gatefold jacket with slipcase and UV details
  • Jacket flooded black inside
  • 16 pages booklet with UV highlights
  • Two double-sided inserts
  • Double-sided poster
  • Black vinyl
  • Blood red vinyl
  • Plastic protection

Den Vrede Makt


The 4th fullenght by the traditionalists of Whoredom Rife is upon us!

6 brand new hymns of total destruction, darkness and the melancholic beauty of hate and despair, something we as humans are feeling daily.

Recently celebrating their 10th year of existence, the band has slowly but surely clawed their way up into the ranks of the bigger names, with integrity intact. never straying away from their original approach; celebrating Norwegian Black Metal through and through.

As the rope tightens, all we can do is accept our fate and dance to the thunderous beats of ravenous, traditional Black Metal!

Not much more needs to be said. Let the power of Whoredom Rife compel you!


1. Den Vrede Makt
2. Fiender
3. Hevnens Rett
4. Phantom Sword
5. Ravenous
6. The Beautiful End of All

Whoredom Rife is:

K.R: Calls from the Grave and Goatcorpse management

V: Tools of Torment and Torture management

Recorded in Purgatory during the plagued year of 2021

All Music and Lyrics by V.
Vocal arrangements by K.R.

Mixed by Rune Stavnesli/Stavmix Studios on the North Sea during the storms of 2022, and again during the Nidrosian winter storms of early 2024.

Artworks by Jose Gabriel Alegría Sabogal
Layout by O.A.A. and Kontamination Design

CONTACT: whoredomrife@gmail.com

BOOKING: jacopo@district-19.com

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Dommedagsryttere

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/whoredomrife/

BANDCAMP: https://whoredomrife.bandcamp.com


Fiender er vi
alle mennesker
Vi lister om i livsmørket
og lurer paa hinanden

Vi fanger med smil,
med elskov, med taarer
Bag sidder rovdyret
og hvæsser sine klør

Ja, kommer selv nogen
i skjælens kirke
da bryder der hyæner
fra hvideste kor

Fiender er vi
vi stakkels mennesker
som lister om i livsmørket
og lurer paa hinanden


Released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.
Worldwide distribution by Ván Records.

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