Salt/Kryophobia - Röntgen (lim. 7'' EP)

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Catalogue-No.: act444
Format: 7"


  • Matte cardboard sleeve with special high glossy UV-print
  • Comes with a framed original x-ray film
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 125 copies

In november of 1895, the phenomenon of electricity and electrons was all the rage. it was around this time that the german scientist wilhelm conrad röntgen discovered an unknown type of radiation and it's wide-ranging possibilities. he made a picture of his wife's hand on a photographic plate formed due to x-rays. the radiograph of his wife's hand was the very first photograph of a human body part using roentgen rays . when she saw the picture, she said "i have seen my death."

On this conceptional split ep, the artists SALT and KRYOPHOBIA pay tribute to röntgen and his discoveries.

Behind SALT we find stefan alt, founder of the ant-zen label, photographer and graphic artist. salt's aural sight-seeing tour infiltrates the matter with an industrial attitude, moving from vintage electronics and noise arrangements to irresistible idm melodies. blurring the blur to make it clearer, forcing instability to find its balance in a captivating narration.

KRYOPHOBIA is a new incognito project of a renowned sound designer. without any conceptional boundaries, KRYOPHOBIA is innocent and fancy-free to bring back the memories and working methods of the wild 90ies experimental techno euphoria. dark sonorities are found in its experimentation and twists, meticulously generated and delightfully executed with analog and digital synthesizers. the grove is the virtuosity of this sonic window - enriched with the resonant voice of the french docteur.

There are things we can't see nor feel, but this does not prove it's not existing.

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