Sumerian Tombs - s/t (lim. gtf. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-202638
EAN: 4250936535114
Katalog-Nr.: van351v
Format: 12"
Epic Vampyric Black Metal


  • Gatefold jacket flooded black inside
  • Poster
  • Black poly-lined inner-sleeve
  • 140g black vinyl (lim. to 119 copies) Sold Out
  • 140g gold vinyl (lim. to 433 copies) Sold Out
  • 140g desert sand vinyl (lim.512)
  • Download insert
  • Plastic protection sleeve

Rising from the crypts of West German necropolises, SUMERIAN TOMBS play an epic and furious style of Vampyric Black Metal. Their highly melodic yet aggressive music is a deep bow to the second wave of Black Metal which shouldn't be lumped with the romantic sound of other acts. What we have here is much more ancient, primitive, pervasive, and infernal and this is reflected in a more orthodox and demonic sound.

Their self-titled debut is the follow-up to their demo EP As Sumer Thrones At Night and tells the continuation of an ancient, long-forgotten tale of vampyric wind spirits from Sumerian mythology. The album follows a desperate pilgrim on his journey into the ancient tombs of Sumer, yearning for their hidden wisdom and powers far beyond human imagination.

What will he find in the darkness?


Sumerian Tombs was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mario Dahmen at LIQUID AETHER AUDIO studio in early 2021.

Guestvocals on track 05 by Zingultus (ENDSTILLE, MORAST)

Guestvocals on track 08 by Vlad (THE CRIMSON GHOSTS)


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