TAV - Tav (digiCD)

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  • digipack, rough cartonstock and inside flooded black
  • folder
  • limited to 330 handnumbered copies

TAV was founded in Munich/Germany in 2017 and plays atmospheric rock music. Venturing beyond traditional musical borders, the band brings together different styles and merges them in minimalistic patterns, blurring the conventional structure of songs.

On their first full-length TAV creates surreal and sombre atmospheres, putting the sole focus on sentiment rather than genre or categorisation. Facing the paradox of fragile beauty within a threatening and hollow mode of existence, there is neither black or white, nor any middle ground or an ultimate whole. Only a constant state of metamorphosis.


1. Boundless Gaol
2. Umbilical Cord
3. A Beggar's Dream Of Death
4. Silken Slumber
5. Snow Upon Our Graves
6. Cinder

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