Tanz Ohne Musik - 17 (lim. 7'' EP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203910
Katalog-Nr.: ACT455
Format: 7"


  • Matte black die-cut sleeve
  • Printed inlay
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 201 copies
  • Incl. download-code

TANZ OHNE MUSIK is dan serbanescu (aka babywolf) from bucharest supported by luna, who contributes photos, videos and live visuals. active more then a decade of writing music, he published several albums on his own label red cavity records and had brilliant releases on galakthorrö, sleepless records berlin and cloister recordings.

the release 17 includes three milestones from the very beginning of TANZ OHNE MUSIK - pure, kosmik and raw, paired with the energy of naivety of the youth and a very direct style of production. 17 is showing all the different faces of the project and prove the addition to analogue synth sounds in a minimalistic angstpop and cold post-punk way. 17 is offering melancholic new-wave vibes with irresistible melodies and the under-cooled male singing. cold channels its raw power into industrial impacts and dives into a haunting sea of fear. the final song mescaline swimming is a true whirlwind of sound and noise - and the massiveness will be only exceeded with his screaming vocals.

TANZ OHNE MUSIK remains an intriguing enigma, inviting listeners to dance without music and explore the mysteries and complexities of existence through their unconventional soundscape.

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