Vromb - Polygonie (lim. 12'' LP)

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Format: 12"


  • Matte cardboard sleeve
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 131 copies

VROMB†creates unique soundscapes consisting of analog synthesizers, pure electronic music, fascinating subtle music layers and sci-fi sounds. he explores the possibilities offered by geometric shapes and repetitions translated into sonic patterns and plays with the eruption of both known and unidentified sounds.

On polygonie, hugo girard aka VROMB explains: "invaders do exist, they are everywhere surrounding us. and certainly in my head, they are sonic'. at first, created by vibrations in the air, they evolve into physical forms: triangles, squares, spheres. free and constantly transmuting, they become airborne, moving around and above us. some of us might perceive them, and i could swear at certain moments i see them. their abstract movements dance and get enmeshed in a synchronized choreography within a constant progression, reshaping and reforming. polygonie is like recalling of memories from childhood, where i witness the intriguing beauty of electronic music. the contour of a tridimensional object that could provide us multiple shapes to see, to hear, to feel."

In the independent underground electronic music scene, veteran producer VROMB has such a solid and well respected reputation for his releases as well as for his intense sonic live presentations. since 1993, the canadian hugo girard has released about two dozen records and cds on reputed labels from germany, austria, canada, the united states and france such as ant-zen, hymen records tesco organisation, klanggalerie, angle rec and hushush. as the audio live mixer at the legendary maschinenfest told us: we love the music of vromb - with his analogue gear and his production techniques we always can reach the maximum of dynamics on our sound system. it is rare, that an artist is able to produce such are pureness of power and sound

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