Tapage - Recursive Behaviors (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203586
Katalog-Nr.: act420
Format: 12"


  • Matte black die-cut sleeve
  • Inlay
  • Black vinyl
  • Limited to 100 copies

recursive behaviors, in more than one sense, investigates a mutual space where humans and machines mingle and exchange sonic materials with one another. machines infused with chaotic processes, allowed to follow their own strange and unstable logic. as one encounters these shapeshifting entities, riddled with unpredictabilities, one soon realizes that they can merely be infuenced and explored, but never fully controlled.

the machines develop their own internal sonic language. a lexicon and syntax of sound, at times playing fragile melodies, other times developing textural structures, locked into semi-repetitive rhythms. timbres emerging from the intertwined recursions that form the backbone of their internal wiring. machines able to analyze their own actions and adapt behavioral patterns. machines that hum, sing, mumble and scream.

recursive behaviors started out with extended recordings of these machines, letting them act out in uninterrupted passages of sonic expression. these recordings formed the backbone of each of the pieces, as a opening statement waiting for a response. my initial counter took the shape of cello improvisations, complementing the electronic textures with slow moving, sorrowful drones. this resulted in a back and forth between the calls of the cybernetic machines and a range of acoustic responses. pieces written as much by the instruments themselves as through any human engagement with them.

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