Visegard - Skogsdoemt (digiMCD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203290
Katalog-Nr.: CNB015
Black Metal


  • 6-panel glossy digipak CD
  • Limited to 300 handnumbered copies

Born during a dark night of 2007 in the Telemark area of Norway, VISEGARD started their heathen path of traditional Norwegian Black Metal deeply rooted in the early 90´s. Skogsdomt was originally released in 2015 as a 2-song CDEP by the band itself and for this rerelease 2 additional tracks from the same recording session got added as bonus. The complete music was produced by Morfeus LIMBONIC ART. Not very aggressive with a slight atmospheric touch, VISEGARD express themselves through monotonous mood and repetitive chords showing their love for heathen rites, musically inspired by bands like ISVIND, PERISHED, KAMPFAR, TAAKE and TULUS.

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