Hate Beyond - Strangled Existence (lim. 12'' LP)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-203788
Katalog-Nr.: F.O.A.D.286
Format: 12"
Thrash Metal


  • Full-colored jacket with OBI strip
  • 11'' x 22'' foldout insert with lyrics and band photos
  • Marbled vinyl
  • Limited to 300 copies

TOTAL THRASH BOMBING! Formed in 2001 in Osaka, Japan HATE BEYOND is a blazing ultra technical thrash unit with an international line-up (Japan/USA/France) consisiting of: WARZY (of the veteran thrash-core legends INZEST) - guitar, JORGE CACEIDO (EXHORDER) - bass, MAX DUCAT (DEADLY WHISPERS) - drums and MORENO GROSSO (NO RETURN) - vocals... Strangled existence is their 6th studio album and their first effort pressed on vinyl LP! Bone crushing, viciously intense Thrash Metal with katana claws riffing mastery, lethal fast drumming and caustic vocals...

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