Manbryne - Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwatpienia (CD)

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Artikelnummer: VAN-204064
Katalog-Nr.: MV048
Black Metal


  • Deluxe digipak CD with die-cut
  • Jewelcase CD
  • 20 pages booklet

The second album by the Polish newcomers MANBRYNE is upon us!

The album picks up where Heilsweg left off, opening another chapter of passionate Black Metal driven by solemn melodies balanced by rabid fury, while conceptually continuing the topics such as doubt, temptation, human relation with the divine and its impact on our reality both within and without.


1. Piach i niepamiec / Sand and Oblivion
2. Suma wszystkich strat / The Sum of All Losses
3. Po trupach ku niebu / Through Corpses to Heaven
4. Grzechy ojców / Sins of the Fathers
5. Bezkrólewie / Interregnum
6. Pierwszy kamien / The First Stone

Approx. 40 min.

Interregnum: O próbie wiary i jarzmie zwatpienia (Eng: Of the Test of Faith and the Burden of Doubt) will be released on 13.10.2023 by Malignant Voices and Terratur Possessions.

Line-up & credits:

S. - vocals, lyrics
Renz - guitars, synth
Wyrd - bass, acoustic guitars
Vzn - drums

Mixed by Marcin Rybicki
Mastered by Satanic Audio
Drums recorded at Roslyn Studio

Cover artwork by Snail Trail
Photos by FotoPixey - Justyna Kaminska
Layout by Kontamination Design


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