Skuggeheim - Samlede Verker (digi3CD)

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Artikelnummer: VOICE-147CD
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Katalog-Nr.: voice147
Black Metal


  • 3-panel digipak 3CD

A compilation of Ultra Lo-Fi Black Magic by SKUGGEHEIM, one of Norways best kept secrets.

All material carefully collected in close conspiracy with the artist and, believe it or not; fully remastered .

This compilation is the definitive collection of all his works; the complete Daudssyklus EP series, a previously unreleased demo, a DARKTHRONE cover and more.

SKUGGEHEIM is now officially laid to rest for all of eternity.

CD1 - Vinterrikets Konge
Vinterrikets Konge demo + two bonus tracks.

CD2 - Koldheitas Spekter
Unreleased demo tracks + WULKANAZ split track.

CD3 - Daudssyklus
All phases of the EP series collected in the correct order, including the never materialized Fase Fem.

LP versions of all this will be available shortly, released by Terratur Possessions exclusively.

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