Synapscape - The Stable Mind (digiCD)

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  • 4-panel matte digipak CD

The german duo SYNAPSCAPE by philipp münch and tim kniep became a true reference at the wider fields of industrial music during the past quarter century. today they are unleashing their album the stable mind, which is a true sonic melting pot on their voyage of transposing existing genres into their personal language. on the roots of early ebm and acid techno minimalism, their notorious and heavy beat structures have been merged with psychedelic- and industrial sound treatments. SYNAPSCAPE has a very own and easily recognizable sound dna and remains such a creative project.

It’s more than simply a fusion between industrial and harder fields of techno music. it becomes an intelligent and accomplished production, which hallmark is also the result of tim kniep‘s processed and syncopated vocals. the presence of rhythmic-noise, tight violence, electronic zeitgeist, complex characters, idm plot-lines, mystery, ambiguity and moral ambivalence all come into play. SYNAPSCAPE as we love it and the way it has to be.

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