V.A. - Jeresa Gangaz (digiCD)

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Spiritual Dark Music


"Jeresa Gangaz" is a music compilations to be used as a mood enhancer and spiritual reminder during the various seasonal holidays rooted in the darker perspectives of North European Paganism.


Track list:

1. Hökarnas natt - TUNGELMYRKER (First release of a new solo project of Hrabnaz, of Kiira & Svartsejd, etc.)

2. Far åt Häcklefjäll - WURMAZ (The solo project of Orm of Ormgård, Myling & Wod, etc.)

3. Witch night of blood and bone - NÍUNDI (Featuring Henry Möller of Puissance & Arditi)

4. Virvatuli - KIIRA

5. Rovegubben - WURMAZ

6. Lussefärd - MYLING

7. The Final Embers of a Dying Sun - ÞURSEITR (First release of any material since 2014)

8. En hornkrönt bullergast - IÆTUN (Project of Wagner Ödegård of the same name, Wulkanaz, Tomhet, Semilanceata etc.)


While almost all artists on this compilation are heavily associated with Black Metal in some way, shape or form, this release is not Black Metal, which was a deliberate choice in making this release from the very beginning by all contributing artists, to create something else.


In the quite extensive booklet, Wurmaz goes in to more details concerning every day/season connected to each song.



- 4 paneled hard stock 350gms full coloured digipak with glossy finish.

- 28 paged 200gms full coloured thick matte booklet with gold print.

- All liner notes and explanations made by Wurmaz.


All tracks featured here will remain exclusive to this compilation, as agreed upon by all parties involved.

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